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Front page of Cushing Chamber Total Resource Campaign Booklet

The most important part of owning a business is...YOUR CUSTOMERS!  Without Customers, you have no business.  How do you keep those customers coming through the doors and continue to make the phones ring?  By creating your business KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST Pillars.  Many scientific studies have proven that people only do business with businesses that they KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST.

But, how do you do that, when there isn't time for networking 24/7?  Your business does it by Marketing and Advertising,  creating Brand Awareness and Brand Exposure through Community Involvement and Engagement.  Brand Awareness happens when people recognize your business logo, slogan, ads.  Brand Exposure is done by saturating the market with your business logo, slogan, information, products, services, staff attending events, and much more.

This marketing and advertising saturation should NEVER cease.  Everyday, new potential customers live, work, and/or visit Cushing, Ok and the surrounding areas.  All businesses should have a marketing and advertising budget and that budget should be put towards targeting your businesses' demographics and by supporting programs, events, and festivals that you want your business to be a part of, that you want to be a part of.

The Cushing Chamber focuses on Youth leadership; Adult professionals leadership; workforce development; economic development; tourism; business development; community engagement; and much, much more.

Through our Total Resource Campaign, we lay out a "road map" of our different marketing and advertising opportunities that your business can get involved with through sponsor partnerships.  We also offer advertising opportunities through our website, social media channels, Member E-Blast program, and much more that reaches all demographics and all generations with a reach of over 60,000 monthly, combining all of the Cushing Chamber's  different public communication marketing avenues/tools.

This multi-level communication marketing allows your business options to choose where you want your business to shine, where you want YOUR Cushing Chamber to refer you the most.  The best part about marketing and advertising with your Cushing Chamber is that you are supporting an organization that is here for YOUR BUSINESS; nothing else but our business community.  Our main program of work evolves around our membership businesses and their growth and success.  And, we can PROVE IT.  Your return on Investment (ROI) can be given at any time, as well as on our end-of-year Annual Report so that you can see what your Cushing Chamber Marketing and Advertising ROI is.  You are able to see at all times your dollars at work for you with real numbers and referrals.

Click the below link to check out our 2024 Total Resource Campaign and see what all we can offer your business.  Call our President & CEO Tracy Caulfield at 918-225-2400 or cell 918-629-7045 and set up a meeting to discuss your choices and to ask questions.

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