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Cushing Chamber Affinity Programs: Membership Business Solutions

  1.  Employee Solutions Program with Tedford Insurance & THRIVE 
  2. GoToBenefit Employee Solutions Program 

Cushing Chamber Employee Solutions Program
Tedford Insurance & THRIVE Partnership:

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Focus on what matters. Leave the rest to us.

Let's face it. Being an employer in today’s marketplace has become a difficult proposition. Success ultimately requires a relentless focus on core products and services, competitors and the bottom‐line. Unfortunately, non‐revenue generating administrative functions tied to: human resource management, employee benefits, payroll and tax administration, and governmental compliance can easily become distractions. So what can you do?

  • What if you could proudly offer your employees big-company benefits without the big-company price tag?
  • What if you had more time and freedom to focus on the goals you've been working so hard to accomplish?
  • What if you could leverage a local team of dedicated experts in Insurance, HR best practices and compliance?
  • What if you could help your growing company avoid unpredictable costs and other business risks?

You can accomplish all of this and more, with the Cushing Chamber of Commerce’s new Employer Solutions offering.

Managed through Tedford Insurance’s team of Trusted Advisors, and powered by Oklahoma-based Thrive PEO, “Chamber Employer Solutions” provides our members with a broad selection of business performance tools designed to help your business soar.

Services Include:

· HR & Compliance

· Payroll & Tax Administration

· Time & Labor Management

· Employee Benefits Plan Analysis and Design

· Benefits Administration

· Workers' Compensation & Safety

· Retirement Plans

With Spectacular Results:

· Contain Operating Expenses

· Access Better, More Affordable Employee Benefits

· Increase Productivity & Profitability

· Improve Governmental Compliance

· Reduce Employee Turnover

· & More

Contact us today to learn how your business can save $1,000 per employee per year or more at: 918-225-2400. You’ll be glad you did (and your employees will too)!



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For More Information, Please contact our Tedford Insurance Agent:

Kim A. Buker, REBC  Commercial Lines Agent

M: 405-328-0604  |  O: 405-258-1332  |

Commercial Lines • Employee Benefits • Bonds • Personal Lines 


Joseph Irby Commercial Lines Agent

M: 405-328-0604  |  O: 405-258-1332  |

Commercial Lines • Employee Benefits • Bonds • Personal Lines 

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GoToBenefit Wellness

GoToBenefit Wellness offers a disruptive approach to wellness that goes far beyond the multitude of programs that have failed to deliver a return on investment. GoToBenefit has partnered with Health Compass Inc., a national provider of employer wellness solutions, to offer a way – at no cost to the employer or the employee – to provide benefits that can be positioned to recruit and retain top talent in a competitive, yet needy job market.

We move forward with employers in redefining wellness as the overall wellbeing of the organization, as its own “healthcare ecosystem.” Through incentivizing wellness, organizations experience positive impacts to not only the physical but mental, financial, and behavioral wellbeing of their workforce.

Offering GoToBenefit Wellness to Chamber members is a triple win for the Chamber of Commerce, for Chamber members, and for the employees of Chamber members (and even for employees of the Chamber):

For Chamber: Administrative and marketing fee of $60 per participating employee per year.

For Employer: Average payroll tax savings of $500 per participating employee per year.

For Employees: Average additional money for supplemental insurance products (e.g., disability insurance, term life insurance, etc.) of $1,800 per year.

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Better health outcomes. Better organizations.

  • The Problem: Historically, employee wellness plans have experienced low engagement and lackluster participation. They are plans built with the right intentions, but lacking utility to the employee. Diversity within the workplace creates varying abilities, challenges, dilemmas, and needs. This range of needs weakens the placement of a blanketed, one-size-fits-all solution.
  • The Solution: Employers have experienced $4.7 billion/week in lost productivity due to pandemic-induced stressors. The GoToBenefit Wellness Program creates a personalized and gamified approach to wellness, allowing employees to become more focused on managing healthcare costs, and other unforeseen challenges. As a reward for their participation, our wellness program allows employees to maximize the value of their other employer benefits.
  • Highlights: As employees commit to continued wellness engagements, monetary outcomes for both the employer and employee are experienced simultaneously. Employee benefits increase without reducing take-home pay as employers will experience an average of $500 per employee per year in FICA savings, and overall health plan costs are reduced, on average, by 3-7% annually.

How does the program work?

GoToBenefit Wellness, managed by Health Compass, Inc., is a voluntary ERISA-compliant Section 125 Health and Wellness Plan program with savings for both employers and employees. Implementation is quick and easy, and there are no start-up fees.


When an employee opts to participate in the GoToBenefit Wellness plan, the entire cashflow process is done via payroll just like medical insurance. If the employee participates in four eligible wellness activities each year, then he or she is considered “compliant” and receives the wellness reimbursement.

Participants will have an average increase of $150 per month to spend on supplemental benefits such as disability, accident, critical illness, and other coverages for their families. They can take these crucial benefits with them if they resign but they will have to pay out of pocket for them, creating a great incentive for them to stay.

Financial Benefits

The following describes the financial benefits to the employer, the employees, and for the Chamber of Commerce as the sponsoring organization:


Number of Employees 100 500 1,000 2,000
Employee Participation (77% avg.) 77 385 770 1,540

Annual Benefit

For Employees  $      138,600  $     693,000  $ 1,386,000  $  2,772,000
  For Employer  $        40,315  $     201,574  $     403,149  $     806,298
For Chamber  $ 4,620  $23,100  $46,200  $92,400



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For more Information, please contact: 

Les McGee 
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